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Super Green Coffee with Svetol is a magical weight loss pill that can be used by anyone regardless of body type and has been proven to be the newest and the best formula on the market today.


How Does Green Coffee Extract Work ?


The weight loss properties of the pure green coffee bean come from the bean before it is ever processed or roasted. Natual Green Coffee Beans in their raw contain an antioxidant refereed to as Cholorgenic Acid. The cholorogenic Acid attacks your fat cells, destroying them and preventing new ones from forming. The chologrenic acid has been shown to inhibit sugar absorption from starch, decrease caloric input and have an effect on glucose metabolism after meals. In addition Green Coffee with Svetol has been shown to block the absorption of fats from the intestine and activate fat metabolism in the liver.

Only Green Coffee Bean extract with Svetol has the clinically proven formula recommended by TV doctors and scientists around the world.

The Results of the experts

Independet studies were done by the most famous of all TV doctors and after two weeks it was time to test the results. The women that had participated in the TV Doctors study were weighed and evaluated.

The women who had been taking
the real Super Green Coffee with
Svetol Extract had indeed lost
weight…nearly twice as much as
the women taking the placebo.
Time and time again this little
mircle pill has been proven to
effectively lose weight and help
reduce BMI.

The Green Coffee Trial

In a recent clinical trial eight men and eight women were followed for 22 weeks to examine the effectiveness and safety of green coffee extract at reducing weight and body mass. Each participant randomly received a high dose of green coffee, a low dose, or placebo in isolated six-week trials. Body weight, BMI and percent body fat were measured, along with blood pressure and heart rate.

The subjects of the study who were taking Green Coffee Extract with 50% Chlorogenic Acid saw notable reductions in weight, BMI and percent body fat. They also saw a decrease in heart rate. This was achieved without any dietary or exercise changes for any of the participants during the study.


Testimonials from Satisfied Super Green Coffee with Svetol users

what is stevol

  • Svetolis the most pure and raw form of the fat buring properties of the Green Coffee Bean.
  • Svetolingredients because of its purity and Quality is more expensive than other GCA ingredients and several times more expensive then generic Green Coffee Extracts.
  • Svetolhas been proven in 8 research studies, GCA has been proven in 1, and generic Green
    Coffee extracts just make projections and assumptions from borrowed research
  • Svetolis an extract of Coffea Canephora Robusta whereas GCA and generic Green Coffees
    are extracts of Coffea Arabica (a cheaper variety)
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Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract

Before you buy any green coffee product make sure you read the label. If the label does not have Svetol or at least 50% chlorogenic acid then you should not buy it. Only the pure form of Svetol will burn fat correctly according to the experts.

  • Clinically Proven
  • 100% Natural
  • No Side Effects